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12 steps to a successful giveaway!



You have joined the thousands of businesses, community groups and law enforcement
Agencies who are giving back to their community!

Customized child ID and DNA kits are a great tool used to provide families with an easy-to-use product, which will enhance their safety consciousness and stimulate child safety education and awareness.

The key to a successful giveaway can be summarized as follows :

1) Set a date for your event well in advance.

2) Ensure that your local radio stations and print media are aware of your free giveaway promotion by either sending them an invitation to the event or by forwarding a press release.

3) Appoint a spokesperson who will deal with any media inquiries and make sure that the person is familiar with the product and its goals.

4) Set up your display table in a centralized area, which is accessible and illuminated.

5) Appropriate background music (not too loud) can be stimulating and will attract attention.

6) Highlight the display with a banner and balloons so that it will stand out.

7) Make sure the persons involved with the giveaway promotion are familiar with the product its uses and benefits.

8) Always smile and encourage the parents and their children to approach your display.

9) Remember to emphasize that the kits are a giveaway with no obligation whatsoever.

10) If you plan to help parents complete the form onsite, some useful tools to bring along are:

  • A scale
  • A height chart
  • Baby Wipes
  • And lots of pens!

11) If you like, you can provide balloons to children who complete the kits as a reward for a job well done.

12) Remember to take pictures of the event for future reference as well as for the print media if required.

Remember, the key is to have a great time while promoting child safety.
Good luck!

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